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Drabbles - Disney Style


Leave one of these titles in my ask box, and I will write about the topic stated with them.

  1. The Crystal Chamber - my character discovers an ancient historical site with yours.
  2. A Whole New World - my character goes on a romantic journey/honeymoon with yours.
  3. Beware the Groove - my character gets angry with/wants to kill your character
  4. (I won’t say) I’m in Love - my character falls in love with yours, but is too afraid to admit it.
  5. Aloha Oe - my character has to say goodbye to your character.
  6. Be Prepared - my character plots an evil scheme against your character
  7. Fathoms Below - AU universe where our characters are mermaids
  8. I’ll Make a Man out of You - my character decides to try and shape up yours.
  9. This is Gonna Be Good - my character learns your character is in fact alive after believing they were long dead.
  10. He Lives In You  - my character starts hearing your character’s voice in their head.
  11. Strangers Like Me - my character teaches yours about something new
  12. Married Life - a quick romantic drabble about your character and mine, from the moment they meet, till the day one of them dies.
  13. The Stroke of Midnight - our characters fall in love, but mine is forced to leave suddenly on the day of their meeting.
  14. On My Way - our characters go on a look walk together, trying to reach [destination of your choosing] for [reason of your choosing] 
  15. Magic Mirror - my character gets extremely jealous of yours
  16. One Jump Ahead - our characters are escaping the law together
  17. The Circle of Life  - my character experiences your character’s death
  18. A Star is Born - your character becomes extremely famous, and my character watches their rise to fame from the sidelines.
  19. These Twists and Turns of Fate - your character fulfills a long awaited wish of my character [can be chosen by you, or left for me to decide]
  20. (You’re the) Devil in Disguise  - my character discovers something terrible about yours [can be chosen by you, or left for me to decide]

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Ask me about my OCs ► Character Flaws!


Toss some numbers in my inbox and the character I should answer them for.

1. What is one thing others might find intolerable about them?
2. Do they have any annoying quirks? If so, what are they?
3. Name one or more of their bad habits.
4. Any addictions? (Food, sex, drugs/alcohol, shopping, power/control, etc.)
5. What is one thing they do that can negatively affect their relationship with friends?
6. Their romantic relationships?
7. What is the biggest mistake they’ve ever made?
8. What mistake(s) do they continue to make/have not learned from?
9. Name some of their major physical shortcomings.
10. Some of their emotional shortcomings?
11. What are their intellectual shortcomings?
12. At least one thing that they tend to overreact to.
13. In what ways might they be overly negative and/or pessimistic?
14. Is there anything they are too optimistic about?
15. How might they be ignorant or prejudiced?
16. Do they have any behaviors and/or beliefs that cannot be adequately justified?
17. When would they be too judgmental of someone or something?
18. Are they ever a pushover about something? If so, how?
19. Is there anything they refuse to budge on? What are they stubborn about?
20. What is a self-inflicted misery of theirs? (i.e. something they perpetuate themselves)

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(( I’ll send you a message tomorrow after school about what I plan to do for this event and how i’m going about things o v o/ ))

He’s such a nice big haunted tree ;D I do think I’m gonna go for this one since that whole portal ting interest me now, heehee.

(( Cool! It’s ganna be really fun to draw 8)!  ))

(( Okay, I’ll be answering all remaining questions regarding the cameo request tomorrow because i took some sleeping pills earlier and now I’m getting disoriented hahah - v -;;;; 

Good Night!!! 8D ))

Hey, that’s fine with me. Even if Reeve isn’t picked I’ll be sure to show Augustus at some point.

(( Great!! o v o/ ))

Probably! I’m still between the rescue thing or the suplies but yeah, probably gonna do the suplies. Jack would be perfect to carry a lot of suplies using Shadow Force as portals xD

(( Be sure to let me know which you choose! Maybe we can coordinate entries!! o v o/ and yes I can see Jack being the one who ends up carrying everything hahah - v - )) 

If you’d like to take Reeve I’d be happy to volunteer him. And if you’d like we could coordinate entries.

(( I’m currently deciding who will be accompanying Augustus through out the entery but even it Reeve doesn’t get picked I can definitely have him show up at some point!! 8D   ))